Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Little Ones

(pic thanks to

Avery Dawn Pennock (yes, as a matter of fact, she WAS named after me....okay, maybe not)
was born Sunday June 5th
6lbs 3oz
Congrats *and thank you* Lindsay!

Eric David Tanner
was born May 28th
@ 1406
6lbs 3oz
Congrats Crystal and family!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random quotes from the 4th floor

Overheard at shift change....

"...this patient recently committed suicide...."
"Wait- do you mean they recently ATTEMPTED suicide?"
"Oh. Ya."

This is a sure sign that it is a good thing your shift is ending! :)
Thanks for the laughs!

Friday, June 10, 2011


I forgot to post that we are meeting at Molly's TODAY for our June lunch/Good luck Hannah get together!!!!
Don't tell anyone.
I'll just post it now, and it will be like it was here all along....mmmmkay?
Thanks- I know I could count on you! ;)

Our very own Half shift Hannah is thinking she needs to do some good in the world, AND feels that she needs to go clear to AFRICA to do so!
She'll be gone for three months (at least she'll be back), but stop by Molly's in Provo at noon today...I mean on Friday June 10th...and chat it up with the rest of us! :)
Molly's is really good, and pretty easy to find. It' s on Columbia Lane in Provo. If you were to drop off a donation at DI and then pretty much drive across the street, you'd be there! :)