Saturday, December 15, 2007

Congrats to all those who are now done with the semester (and those who still have 1 week left)... have a fun 2 weeks off til it all begins again. :)
The Christmas party was last week, and I only go to go for just a few minutes, but it looked like everyone was having a good time! People were walking around with stacks and stacks of money. :) Thanks Janet for putting it together!
Happy Christmas everyone, and good luck to those who are just now starting their holiday shopping (oh, come on- I KNOW I can't be the only one!).

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Hi Dawney,

How are you and all my friends at the 4th floor? Happy Holidays. We are doing well here in Texas. Juan is working and I am able to stay at home with Little Shakera. Little Shakera is growing up quickly. She's finally walking and getting into everything. She loves playing with ornaments on the Christmas tree. And she is becoming a good little dancer. How is the weather there? It's warm here, around the 70s in the afternoon, but chilly at night. I miss seeing the snow on the mountains, but I don't miss driving in it. I miss you all. Please say hello to everyone. I love the website you made. It makes me feel like I'm right there with you guys. Attached is a photo of the family. It's a big file. I don't know how to make it smaller. But if you can shrink it, you can put it on the website. What is the address to the floor? I want to send you guys a Christmas card.


Monday, November 19, 2007

New e-mail from Mary Pugh (not Pugh anymore..)

How are you. things are going good for me. John got a job at the mill down hear and that is good. I am starting with the public health department with my sister Katie. One sad thing is that I have been sick for allmost four weeks now don't know what's up with it. No No No I'm not pregnent. wish I was in a way though. I have had antibiotics and every thing and still sick. I am getting better slowly thoug. things have been fun just would be better if I felt better. about the pictures my sister has them still and even I haven't seen them yet. I gess she is doing tuch-ups or something like that but as soon as I can I will send some. that is so cool about the quilt for Dyana that would be realy fun. I am glad things are going good for you on the 4th floor. I still miss working with all of you, tell everyone Hi for me and that things are good. Tell Rob that I have some better music John is exposing me to some fun music like, AC DC, Rush, The Police, and Shine Down pritty good stuff. Ha Ha Ha :) John and I Just got a suberban because he dosen't fit in my car very well Ha Ha. I like it and so does my neice and nephue now they ride with us all the time. I woried that John might not be to happy about that but he asks them to come with us more then I do so that is good he fitts in with my family so well. I like his family too they are very nice. we are going to Arizona for thanksgiving that should be fun. well continue to do well, and now that I miss ya. talk to you later

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New e-mail from Brittany G. and Kelly C!

Hey I know I haven’t keep in touch very good I am sorry. Work is ok I don’t like the schedule yet but oh well you can’t have it all. I do miss you guys A LOT it isn’t as fun here. I can’t believe Holly is a quilter. That is awesome what she is doing for them. I would love to see it if you can take a pic and send it to me that would be cool. I wish I was talented like that. Tell Dyana I said congrats (I thought she was “in no way getting married” ha ha ha). That is exciting let me know when and where the wedding is and I will try and make it. Is she registered anywhere? I am glad you finally have someone to replace me but she won’t be as fun as me… ha ha ha. Ya I am still unsure about the house thing. It is just so far out there. I know Britt lives out there and so do a lot of other people but I love the area I am in right now we just can’t afford the HUGE house payment even with me working full-time. It is a really nice home I just don’t like the idea of living out in the Ranches. To me it is to far away from civilization.

Well I have to get back to work (ya right) so keep in touch.

Britt G

Hey Dawney,

How's everything going?! I hope that life is great. SO. I tried to blog the other day, but it turns out I'm uncapable of doing so. But here are my scant thoughts, words of wisdom, whatever you would like to call them. I'm flexible.

1. I wore my bee costume the first day of work down here at UCLA. Turns out Californians don't really have a sense of humor.

2. MRSA and crazy people are everywhere. That probably could've gone unstated, but still - true as ever. People are CRAZY, which is almost refreshing. At least some things never change.

3. I hope life is going well for you and everybody on the fourth floor!


Friday, November 9, 2007

Hello there everyone! November seems to be flying. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Crazy! Dyanna's shower/luncheon was this afternoon and it went fabulous! It was nice to see people out of work- where we all had a little time to sit and chat without patients calling- (who do they think they are anyway?? ha ha). Dyanna let me know that she was at work with nothing to do for a minute the other night, so she sent an e-mail for us all. I am going to place it here, rather than with the other letters so that you can comment directly on this one if you would like to. I am thinking that I'll put them all on this way from now on.... what do you think???
Also- I am very sad to say that because of school (ruins everything fun I tell ya!) I have not been watching any Ugly Betty. (Those of you who do watch it understand my pain, those of you don't- well you should be :) ) Because of this, I am taking out the Ugly Betty Trivia of the Week section (the one that never gets updated anyway), and replacing it with something else... 80's trivia for a while??? We'll just see as it goes. Thanks guys! I love working with all of you.
Oh- and thank you Holly- she made a wonderful quilt for Dyana that we all got to write a lil' message on. It turned out beautiful!
Jeremy on nights has left us to work at the new hospital. We were all sorry to see him go, and hope that it works out well for him. Good Luck Jeremy
We also have a new secretray! Her name is Michelle, she is from Pleasent View (North of Ogden)!
Niesha made cute little winter pins for our badges- thank you!
I think that everyone knows by now, but Sarah B. got her mission call!!!! She is going to New York!!! Wahoo. She is going to be a great missionary and they are very lucky to be getting her! Oh, and don't worry folks, I checked, and as of now the plan stands that she will be coming back to work here when she is done!

Dyana's e-mail:

Dawney! And Gang! (my peeps)

Hey I'm here at the new place (the death star) working and thinking, "Oh man, my peeps at UVRMC are giving report and I'm here for another hour." 7-7 is CRAPPY!!!! So this place is literally the death star! Don't plan on coming here for surgery at least, another year! They have cancelled all elective surgeries due to the staffing situation, low supplies, and risk of liability! The 3rd time I charged on the floor I had 4 families wanted to sue the hospital for neglect to patients right for quality healthcare. I agree 100%. IHC should not of opened under the circumstances presented. On one good note..... Good thing is this place is GINORMOUS!!!! (gigantic and enormous) I get my exercise every time I work. I often think of Collete and her energy for walking around. I have to remind myself this is a good thing! :)

Well, the wedding plans are coming along, although they aren't always that fun to make. Invites are coming soon....... And yes, Brett really does exist! We keep thinking we'll have time to drop by, but wedding plans seem to consume life at this point. We were planning on living in Draper, but the realtor gave the contract to another family. So now back to the search......Dec. 1st is right around the corner!!!! OH MAN!!!!! Me, married, CRAZY!!!!!! Hope to see all at the luncheon... Sorry for those that have to work.... You will be missed.
What's new on the floor, after all I haven't worked in 1.5 weeks. I tried to pick up, but NO.... you didn't need my help. Dawney, how's school? How is Abbie doing without her husband? Tiff any morning sickness yet? Rob growing any hair? :) J/K Write me a letter... I really do miss you guys. The fantastic 4th floor! I keep comparing; and have to constantly remind myself that there will never be a group of peeps like you. Why don't you all work up here!!!! I'll keep you posted and hopefully see you this afternoon!!!!! YEAH !!! :)

Your favorite nurse :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Okay people... here it is. I wanted a page that was more interactive rather than controlled by me... although I am a con troll freak at times. Sorry that I keep changing it on everyone. I think that this is our official new home though- so go ahead and unpack your boxes. I am still trying to work out all of the details, so be patient with me and let me know. Thanks again!
Saturday 9-22-07
Welcome to the new fourth floor web page! The whole idea behind this page is so that we can all keep in contact with those who are" lifers" (such as myself) and those who are all too soon on their way out the door (such as Kelly). I will be posting information about the goings-on around our unit, and would love to have those that have left or are leaving post information/ pics about what they are doing, how their lives are going etc..
Although this has everything to do with the people on our unit, it has little to do with IHC. So as of right now, I don't plan on posting things such as "Remember you BER's "- but more things like "Congratulation Joel on your new baby boy!!!" If you think it would be more helpful to have a section that had these type of reminders let me know and I'll see what I can do .
Please let me know if you have any suggestions or idea or comments (that are nice) so that I can make it a more fun/interesting place for everyone to check out. I am still working out the "how do I do this" part of this page, so check soon, check often, and most me!