Thursday, July 9, 2009

Welcome Home SIsta Sarah!

"Princess" Sarah Buhler is home from her mission to NY, NY. She will be speaking in church on the 19th @ 0900. The address is 390 West 1100 East in AF- north of the AF hospital.
Welcome home Sarah!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And one more... Kevin Peterson is now an ICU nurse...

Kevin (who decided not to tell us until his last day) is now working in the ICU. I don't think it will take them long to figure out what a great addition to their staff he is going to be!
Good luck Kevin- and please feel free to pick up any extras on the floor!!!! :)
You'll be missed, so make sure you keep in touch! :)

and the list continues... Valerie is gone now :(

Valerie is moving to Arizona where her husband had a job offer as a teacher in Casa Grande. (Congrats to him)!
Good luck- keep us updated and don't melt! ;)

Janet is NOT quitting!

I think there has been a little note of worrying on the unit for about a week now. When Janet puts up a sign that says there's going to be a mini-meeting and everyone is encouraged to be there because there are going to be some changes on our unit- we get a little nervous.
The good news is- she not leaving. Because of the awsome person that she is, the higer ups have decided that she would be the best person to establish a new position as the neuro surgeon lieason. This will most likely end up being a part of her position here as the manager of the fourth floor. Getting this position up and running will take some serious commitment of time- so she is taking a leave of absence from us to focus on this. Janet says we should think of it as a type of "maternity leave"--Joe will take over for six months, and then she'll be back!
We asked the important questions:
1)Will your office still be your office?
No- this is so that the transistion will be smoother
2)Will you still be around?
"I'll probably be here more than I want to be." :)
3)Will you still be at the monthly lunches :)?
Good luck Janet- not that you'll need it!!! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holly Jara is gone :(

Holly, who has been on our floor for so long, is now leaving us. She brought us the Jara fall protocol, Teal Thursday, "this is how I fall and slide" videos, special 7 layer bean dip,and was instramental in initiating check-your-check-Tuesday.
I was not there on her last night *sniff*, so I am just going to post a few pics I have of her from other events.
Congrats on the twins- let us know how you are, and when you have them. Keep up on your blog, and call us at night when you have nothing to do! :)

Heidi's last night

Heidi is also moving away from us. Of course we ate (cuz that's what we do) and chatted. Heidi is moving to Arkansas for a few months, and then will be a full time mom- Congrats!!! We will miss you!! (OH- and Heidi, I tried to post the video but it's not working- sorry! :) You are so good at keeping up on your blog that I'm sure we will see pics of the little one not long after you have him/her. :)

We will miss you Ben!

These are some pics from Ben Chu's last night at work. Ben is off getting an education in Delleware- and all of us who have work with him know he's going to be a great PA!
Ben- our floor wont be the same without you're musical influences and humor! Good luck and keep us updated!!! :)

Here is Ellen enjoyin the dinner we had... :)

Lorna and Beth (Ben's fiance) with Ben

Friday, July 3, 2009

July Lunch

We are going to try the India Palace on Center Steet in Provo this month.
It will be Tuesday the 14th @ noon. As always- everyone is invited. If you have any questions please let me know. :)